Lehigh Valley Coed Softball League
August 26: The tournament Championship between Strange Brew Tavern and Schuler Services/Kuhnsville is set for Thursday, September 1 at 6 pm at Fountain 2.

August 18: Congratulations to Misfits on the 6-3 championship win over Callaghans.

August 16: The playoff championship is postponed til Thursday at 6 pm at scherersville 3.

August 11: The playoff championship is set when Misfits will play host to Callaghans on Tuesday at scherersville 3 at 6 pm. Misfits defeated Schuler Services/Kuhnsville 11-8 in 6.5 innings and Callaghans defeated Stahleys 23-5 in 5 innings.

August 9: Schuler Services defeats Viamedia 12-10 and will now play Misfits on Thursday at Scherersville 3. And Callaghans defeated Hammerhead 7-6 and will play Stahleys on Scherersville 2.

August 5: First of all, congratulations to Stahleys Bar & Grill on being the season champions, now onto the Playoffs and Tournament. Playoffs start Tuesday 8/9 with Callaghans (Home-set up field) taking on Hammerhead at Scherersville 2 and Schuler Services/Kuhnsville (Home-set up field) taking on Viamedia at Scherersville 3. Thursday 8/11 will have top seed Stahleys playing the team with the lowest seed that wins Tuesdays game, and second place Misfits pairing up with the other game winner. Both Stahleys and Misfits will set up the fields Thursday with fields TBD. The tournament schedule & field assignments are now set and posted under the tournament link on the right. Softball Family, Callaghans and Bagel Bunch will set up fields on Saturday. Strange Brew, StorCon and CNJ will set up fields on Sunday.

July 31: The league will be hosting a golf tournament Oct 1 at Iron lakes Country Club. DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE OR VISIT THE EVENT ON FACEBOOK HERE

July 30: 1 more week of regular season games to be played, hopefully we can get them in, all games have affect on seeds for the playoffs and the tournament. As soon as seeds are set all information will be posted on the website pertaining to both playoffs and tournament.

April 6: PRE Season Schedule is now POSTED!!!

April 5: Regular Season Schedule is now POSTED!!! Preseason to follow shortly.

April 3: Regular Season Schedule will be posted soon, just waiting on all permits. All games begin at 6:15 PM this year. Playoffs will be held August 9, 11 and 16 with a rain date of the 18th. The end of year tournament on August 20-21 at Percy Ruhe. We will be playing with the 52/300 Evil Leather balls again this year. All regular season games will be 9 innings, 3rd strike foul out for males only (females swing until out is forced). Home plate and the mat are both in play now. Bylaws are updated so make sure you read them over. Base Paths are 65' and the coed line is 160'. METAL SPIKES AND FIGHTING ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Best of luck to all teams this season.